Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Last week, for the first time this season, I heard one of my favorite autumn sounds: geese flying south for the winter. I literally stopped in my tracks and looked to the sky because I wanted to enjoy the full effect of this, one of nature's wonders.

Long Island seems to be a favorite stopover for these migrating birds and every year the distinct sound of their honking fills the fall sky as they make their way from the farm fields of Sagaponack and Water Mill to the more southern climes they need to get through the coldest months. I pity those folks who don't get to enjoy this annual display because it is a wonderful way to mark the season.

I've read a lot about why they fly in the distinctive "V" formation and its fascinating for sure. Looking to the sky when we hear them passing is always inspiring in its display of the way God imbued each creature on earth with the instinct and ability to take care of itself. Self-preservation of each species. Its fascinating and for me at least, points to a higher power at work.

Yes, they have started their move to kinder temperatures and at the moment, we here on the East End are the lucky ones who get to enjoy this distinctive, wonderful sound as they move toward survival and we prepare for winter. And I'm just enjoying the show.

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Wordsmith said...

Enjoy them for us! Other than the ocean, it is what we miss most. Now and then we'll hear two or three, but it's not often. I hope your flock flies over us!