Sunday, November 20, 2016


My friend "anonymous" had posted again on one of my recent blog posts and advised me not to "take life too seriously". What an interesting concept!

I think that life is pretty serious myself. I feel as though we are put here for a short time to make a difference in the world and in the lives of the people we are in contact with. While I agree there should be fun in life and we need to laugh and enjoy ourselves, I also think its not to be taken too lightly lest we waste what little time we have here on earth. I think we should all have the goal of making the place better for our being here.

Of course that all goes to the purpose of life and that's something we can easily debate. As a young Christian I was taught that our purpose here is to love God, to worship and fellowship with God, and to be kind to each other. Of course its a little more complicated than that and we are given many instructions about how to live our lives, but that's basically it.

And I can certainly love God without taking life too seriously. But then if I don't get too serious about it what is my purpose? To just have fun and not worry about the things I've been given to take care of and nurture - my kids, my grandkids, my possessions? I look at those things as blessings that I've been given and its a big responsibility for me to do the best job I can with them. And what about my abilities and talents? What is my responsibility there?

Well I totally understand what "anonymous" was saying and I don't want to over think things too much. I do need to find the joy in life even amidst difficult times and that's biblical as well. But I love the fact that the comment made me think about life in general and what I'm charged to do with it. And that's why I love to blog and hear opinions from different places, all of which give me the opportunity to stop and reflect. That's what interaction is all about, isn't it? So I will give it some more thought. And try not to take it all too seriously...

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Wordsmith said...

While I strongly believe in having good, innocent fun and much laughter in life, I think that is also much in life that is very serious and should be taken as such. When one is in grief, sometimes it's pretty hard to 'feel' anything but pain, even when we KNOW in our hearts that in due time, feeling joy and a light-hearted spirit will return. It's a roller coaster ride. I have no advice as to how to 'unfeel' what you feel at any given moment, except to do what I KNOW you do....cling to your faith and continue to believe that a new season will come, in its own time. <3