Saturday, November 5, 2016


Its still dark outside as I prepare to leave the house for the day. I'm looking forward to having it a bit lighter beginning tomorrow when we turn our clocks back an hour. Being a morning person makes the time change a big deal and as much as I like it to still be light at 5pm, I would rather have it early in the day so I'm ready for the change.

As I prepared to leave for Southampton I was checking the hours at the local gas stations and am now regretting my decision not to fill up last night. I was sure I could do it in the morning but it seems that the earliest I can get fuel
is 8am and I'll be busy by then at my meeting. So I hope I have enough to get me there and then back to a station afterward, probably after lunch. I'll be crossing my fingers. It never occurred to me that gas stations didn't open by 7! This is one of the downsides of being up so early everyday - I tend to think the rest of the world should be as well.

So off I go now - to the dump first to get rid of my newspapers and magazines, and then to my meeting west of here. By this afternoon I'll be ready to sit on my couch and read the newspapers...and begin filling up that newspaper bin for another week...

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Ben Reichart said...

Don't your gas pumps have the ability to take your credit/debit card ? Here in Greensboro those pumps are available twenty four seven just the convenience store associated with them are closed. You do have to use your card though, no cash