Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post-election fatique

I'm so over politics right now I want to scream.

I think most of the country is feeling that way right now and I hope perhaps we may usher in a time of reflection and change in how our process is carried out. I love the idea of limiting the length of time that candidates can stump for their respective posts and leaving things until the last few months so we don't have to go through this long, drawn out mess every four years. It seems as though we just get through one election and suddenly we're thrust into another one. We need more time to forget our differences and concentrate on our similarities.

I am disappointed in this election simply because its proven to me what I basically already knew: there are way too many men out there who cannot fathom the idea of any woman being in authority over them. Oh I'm sure that's not the only reason the woman lost, but that has enough to do with it. I heard the sexist comments and I know its an issue. I actually heard one man say "The least she could do is wear a skirt once in awhile". I looked at him incredulously but I doubt he even realized how misogynistic that comment was. Racists and sexists rarely see themselves for what they are.

As a woman in politics I've seen enough and experienced enough to know that those feelings run deep inside of people and its hard to stamp them out. New generations are our hope. I had truly thought perhaps we had turned the tide. Now, I'm not so sure.

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Wordsmith said...

I'm with you on the sexist this day and age, that should NOT be an issue...nor should what a woman chooses to wear....etc!! I think I'm still a little angry....but not like my Veteran husband is!

I also think terms of the campaigns should be shortened....

And I can only HOPE and pray that we survive another 4 yrs and can choose ANOTHER President.