Thursday, November 10, 2016


Preparing for any trip away from home is always an exercise in memory for me. I need to be sure not to forget so many things and I always get stressed about what I may or may not remember to put into my suitcases. My daughter chastised me once for worrying so much when I was coming to visit her because, as she put it, "We don't live in the jungle you know", assuring me that whatever I forgot could be easily replaced once I arrived. But still....I worry.

Leaving for a long weekend is easier than some trips because only limited outfits are needed so I can concentrate instead on the essentials like make-up and hair products. Once I choose my couple outfits I'm done them and then can take my time working on those little cosmetic bags that I fill with medications, blush, eyeliner, and other necessities. Toothbrushes may be easily replaced, but my favorite perfume? Not so much.

I grabbed my carry-on bag out of the attic yesterday and today I'll lay out my clothes and get everything ready to fit into the small space so there won't be a need to check baggage. I hate to carry on because its a pain in the neck getting suitcases in and out of those overhead bins, but for a short trip its much more sensible. Of course all the new regulations about liquids and what you can take on board do add an extra level of stress in it all, but hey - we do pay a price for our fun don't we? I think I'll manage.

Now if we can just get that plane on the ground so I can enjoy the trip....

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