Tuesday, November 1, 2016

No heat

Well I still haven't had to turn the heat on - no switch flipping here! These past days have been warm and lovely with lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. I'm happy to be into November now without the furnace on. Its a very good thing.

I spent most of my marriage trying to be frugal and save money wherever possible. It seemed as though money was always tight so we needed, like many families, to watch the budget closely. Now in retrospect it seems that the other part of this equation was not being as honest about money as I thought and perhaps I worked so hard unnecessarily, but regardless, I learned to do things like wear wool sweaters late into the season in order to avoid turning on the heat. It hasn't always been easy, but this year it seems to be. Its a nice change.

Perhaps its a sign of things to come. Maybe someone up there is trying to tell me that life could get easier instead of harder, which is what I've been worrying about. I'm not sure if its a sign from above or not, but I'm taking full advantage of this break in the weather and leaving the furnace off. No doubt it will come to an end soon. But every day is a bonus right now. And I'm really in the mood for a little bonus of some kind. I'll take this one.

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