Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hot water

Today I am getting my new hot water heaters installed. It seems like a gift from the Gods.

This year has been my year from hell and nothing could have prepared me for what I was to face when it began back in January. And the latest event in this horrible year happened last Saturday when my son discovered a flood in my basement. The hot water heater was leaking.

There are actually two hot water heaters in this house. The one that was here when we moved in was inadequate and with a family of six we often ran out. And guess who was the person who was usually left without? So some years back we added a second one. Due to low ceilings we could not accommodate a larger one so there are two that are tied in together.

Now one might say that since I live alone now I could go back to one, but it really doesn't make sense when I have family visiting often and the potential for a crowd is always there. So when they went to check out the one that was leaking (spewing would be a better term) and discovered that not just the one but both of them were rusted along the bottom, it was time for replacements. Fortunately the one was still functioning and I've been able to have plenty of hot water all weekend, but it will be good to get new ones in and have them raised at the same time, since that's been one of the problems all along. We get ground water in our basement during times of heavy, prolonged wet weather and even with sump pumps the heaters could be sitting in water.

It's one more thing to add to my unfortunate year, but I am choosing to look at it as one more measure to improve my life. It may be a struggle to pay for it at the moment, but it will all be better in the end.

And, the year is nearly over. Thank goodness.

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