Monday, November 14, 2016


Today is my least favorite day of any trip: the flight home.

I used to love flying. When I was working as a travel agent it was always an adventure to fly anyplace in the world, but now, since things have changed so significantly, its not so much fun anymore. They pack us in so tightly that its impossible to be comfortable on a flight of any length, and there are not the distractions they used to offer, like meals and movies. At least not on shorter flights. I remember years ago when a flight to Florida meant a nice meal, breakfast lunch or dinner, depending on the time you were flying. Now we're lucky if we get peanuts or pretzels.

No, flying is not the fun it used to be and I spend most my flights just wanting to get there. I no longer enjoy the process, just look at it as a necessary evil. And tomorrow morning I'll be waking up in my very own bed, so the fantasy is soon to end.

Yep. There's nothing worse than the flight home...

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