Saturday, November 12, 2016


No doubt about it, a trip to Disney World means lots of exercise.

We are walking miles every day here and as sore as my muscles are, it feels good. It certainly will help with the extra food that's been going into my mouth as well, and that's a good thing! But I remember one year when we were here estimating that we walked a minimum of 5 or 6 miles every day.

Of course Disney makes it seem easy. They are masters of illusion and as we wind our way around and through every line leading to every attraction, from the monorail to Space Mountain, we forget we are waiting in a long line and spend out time looking at the many distractions they officer along the way. Around and around we go, slowly working out way to the cars or other transportation we need, and since everybody is happy to be there (as opposed to waiting for a rush hour train in the city or sitting in traffic on Route 27) we smile and chat with people around us.

Disney World really is a bit of a fantasy and as much fun as it is to be there, with people anxious to make sure you're always having a good time and seeing to your every need, its not real life. But what a great place to visit. ....

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