Monday, November 7, 2016

Early light

And so there was light. This morning its nice and bright out there for the early morning walk. We can finally head down some of the side roads which we've been avoiding because its too dark to walk along the roadways. We love walking down Pondview or Huntting, or maybe David's Lane after we've gone to the library and back down Main Street. We've missed that these past few months as the darkness crept later and later and we had to stick to the business district where there is always plenty of light.

It will be much easier for me to climb out of bed now too. I seem to wake with the sun and its been difficult to drag myself out of my bed in the pitch dark of the early morning. Things will be better now.

I'm heading to Riverhead with a friend today. I need clothes as none of the ones I was wearing a year ago fit me and I must have a few nice things for the holidays. The outlets await, as well as BJs where I can get supplies for my cookie baking that will commence in a couple weeks. The holidays are a busy time at my house and I need to be prepared.

Yes, the light is welcome now, and although I may be in the minority on this, I don't mind the darkness that falls by 5:00 at night. It gives me the freedom to climb into my robe and PJ's and settle in for the night. And that's a rather nice thing.

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