Friday, November 18, 2016

Crock pots

I wish I'd had a crock pot to use when my kids were young. It's a wonderful tool and a real lifesaver sometimes!

Tonight I'm having folks for dinner, but I'm literally busy all day. I cleaned the house Wednesday so I'm fine there, but normally when I'm having company I spend my day cooking. I can't possibly do that today. So out comes the handy crock pot! Already I've chopped apples and sliced potatoes, coated pork loin chops with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon and flour, and put them all into the big crock pot. Before I leave home later I'll simply turn it on and voila! Dinner will be ready when company arrives at 6pm.

We did have crock pots when I was a young mother, but they were very small and not conducive to family cooking. And by the time the large family sized ones appeared on the market I was in no position to buy one because they were expensive. So it wasn't until my family was grown that I managed to get one of these giant-sized appliances and I love using it whenever the crowd comes for meals. And, on days like today, when company is coming.

So, dinner is nearly ready. I'll just need to take the home made apple sauce out of the freezer when I get home, throw the pre-chopped salad into a bowl, and heat up some rolls and I'm ready to go. Oh, and cut up the nice pineapple I bought for dessert because two of my guests are diabetics who watch their sugar. No pie for dessert on this go 'round.

Crock pot. Its what's for dinner!

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Ben Reichart said...

Great Grandfather Lester kept a large pot of samp on the back of his woodstove all winter. Ready for company every day. :) Samp and pilot crackers with real butter. Now that, as the old folks would at, is some fittin' Bub.