Friday, November 4, 2016


There is a tree across from my house that is a beautiful beech tree, planted in memory of my cousin Anne who was killed in an automobile accident almost 40 years ago now. This tree is particularly beautiful this time of the year.

Well, it is a lovely tree at any time of the year really, because its one of those trees that has a wonderfully perfect shape and has grown quite large in the nearly 40 years since Anne's death. Its very full and nicely rounded with great foliage Spring, Summer, and Fall. Even in the winter it maintains a beautiful presence here on Accabonac Road and I especially enjoy it because I get to look at it every time I pull out of my driveway as its almost exactly opposite, situated perfectly on the village green.

Anyway - its never more stunning than it is in the fall when the leaves have turned their fabulous orange color. It simply lights up the day with its bright mop-top and I savor it every time I leave my house.

There's something really transformative about the change in the foliage in autumn and I am struck by it every year at this time. The bright yellows, hot reds, and blazing oranges are stunning and I find myself constantly looking at the roadsides when I'm driving along. I often wish I had the time to stop and take a photo but I always seem to be coming or going on a time schedule and need to keep on my stated course.

It will be empty before we know it - once those leaves change its only a matter of time before they're gone. But if there's one thing I've learned in my life its this: I always need to take the time to see what's around me. Otherwise I'll miss some of the best gifts from God. And autumn leaves are one of those...

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