Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Well I'm home and well rested after a long weekend of walking (I think we walked about 5 miles every day, no exaggeration) and good family time, and I am home with a new agenda. I am going to wean myself off of my computer.

Well, I'm not exiting completely. I will keep my cell phone with me for emergencies and I'll continue to blog every day, but I'm going to stop using Facebook and do as little texting as possible. In fact, anyone needing to get hold of me had better email or actually call my home phone (imagine that!) because I won't always have my cell with me anymore.

There are a couple reasons for this. First of all the issues that came to light in my own personal life a few months ago came largely from the computer and social media. With all I've read about the issues my husband was dealing with, I realize that all this technology can be used for evil purposes and needs to be kept in a very special box in every one's life. Just like alcohol, something that can be used to leisure or socialization can also be used for negative reasons and cause tremendous problems in some one's life. I want to put it back in its place in mine. Not that I have an issue with it, but there's a principle here.

Secondly I see it as a time-drain that has effected me negatively. I need to make better use of the time I have and not allow myself to get sucked into spending so many hours on Facebook or even just surfing the web. I can do better things with my time.

I'm not swearing off all use and will continue to blog, for instance, and make use of my desktop for email and business. I no longer own a typewriter so I think it is a necessary evil! But I'm going to be more mindful of my use. I made a point of not taking any electronics (other than my phone) along on my trip this past weekend and I wish I had even left the phone at home. Who needs to be reminded of what was left behind? Sometimes I think we are too "connected" anymore and long for the days when going on vacation meant maybe a mid-week phone call back to home for business or family updates. We probably enjoyed our time away much more and it was no doubt healthier.

So - from here on I'll be going silent. Not completely, but hopefully enough to make a difference in the state of my heart and my mind. After all, I do love to read a good book....

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Wordsmith said...

Mmmmm....I'm almost ready too. There are such nasty things said ...and differences of opinion seem to bring out the worst in some people. Division more than togetherness. What I used to find such fun and pleasant has turned ugly. Might just have to move along....