Friday, October 28, 2016

The furnace

Well I finally broke down and flipped the switch on the furnace this morning. I'm 4 days early, but had to break with tradition.

Yesterday was a very chilly day, starting out in the 30s and not getting much above the 50s I think. I was home most of the day and could not warm myself up. My hands were still cold when I went to bed last night, only to warm up after lying in a nice warm tub before I climbed in between the sheets. I decided then it was time.

So this morning I flipped the switch at the top of the basement stairs and voila! Heat!

I'm already regretting it. The temperature is supposed to climb today and the weekend will be back in the 60s again. I think I'll turn it back off because I don't want to be wasting fuel and will gladly wait until November to flip that switch back up again.  The longer I can wait the better because once it comes on, its a long, cold winter.

I'm happy I didn't relent yesterday and change out my sheets to flannel. I think I can wait another week for that as well....

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