Saturday, October 29, 2016


I've had an ongoing battle with stinkbugs here at my house.

It began a couple years ago. We had no experience with these ugly insects until visiting my daughter in Pennsylvania over the past fifteen years where they had been migrating from the south. They are rather disgusting creatures, flat beetle type bodies that don't fly as much as they dive bomb and land with a thud. I can always tell when one is in the room by the sound of it landing on something. Yuck!

Well three years ago when the Pennsylvania family came to visit they brought at least one with them and they've been with us here ever since. In reading about them I've discovered that they used to be confined to the more southern states but now are continuing their migration north. Very few people here even know what they are and some have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention them, but here at my house, they are settled in.

There is no eradicating them really. Once they find a host home they are there forever. But the pest control people do come and spray now and they seems to keep them at bay to some extent. At this time of the year they are especially evident as they begin their migration into warmer spaces. I seen the  near the windows and know they're trying to get in.

The reason I even mention them is that when I came into my home office yesterday morning I could feel the heat on and there was a faint smell of....stinkbugs. Their odor is disgusting. They emit this scent when they are threatened and usually I can take a tissue and gently pick them up and flush them down the toilet without having to deal with the smell, but if they are crushed or otherwise harmed look out. My guess is that there were some around the radiator out here in the office and when the heat came on for the first time they got fried. And thus, the smell. Its not easy to vacuum under this desk and around the old cast iron radiator so I can't even see if there are dead ones there. But I'm pretty sure there are.

And thus continues the stink bug battle...


Ben Reichart said...

got'em here too. not too many but you do have to watch for them

Wordsmith said...

Yuck....we have them here, and I hate the little buggers. I squished one no odor, although I hear they do put out a smell. We spray HOME DEFENSE around (comes in a concentrate that is mixed with water and sprayed) every 3 mos or so. Keeps our numbers of critters at bay.