Sunday, October 16, 2016

Low sun

The days are getting noticeably longer these days. At 5pm the light is coming from a low setting sun, sparkling through the trees before dusk settles in. The mornings are dark until almost 7, and walks are relegated to the business district where we have lamp posts to help guide us along the way.

The nice thing about the early darkness is the fact that I feel no great urge to get back outside after I settle in for the day. With darkness coming, I can get into night clothes, grab my knitting, and settle into the comfy couch without guilt over the thought that I'm "wasting daylight", which is what often happens in the summer. I am more than happy to stay in for the night by 5:00 and not worry about anything other than my own space right here in my house, which I love, and after nearly forty years feel totally comfortable here. I am blessed to have been here for so long and to have made it my own. There's nothing like home, we all know that.

So, although many regret these shorter days and longer nights, I'm not one of them. I love the daylight hours in the summer and I love the dark of winter. There's no seasonal mood issues here. I welcome the winter when I can just settle in and enjoy my home. Summer will be back soon enough. For now, its all about home, sweet home...

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