Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Wednesday has become the best day to get groceries at the local IGA because they give a senior discount. I remember very well as I approached the magic age (62 I think) how insulted I would be if I happened to be there on a Wednesday and the clerk asked if I was a senior. Why no! I was NOT a senior!

I welcome the discount now. Since I've become accustomed to my age it doesn't seem such an insult. After all, I've survived some pretty heavy times to get to this age, and I miss my best friend who didn't make it this far. I remind myself of her anytime I think about getting older. I wish she had the same privilege.

Anyway - I like getting in there early on a Wednesday to get my groceries and save a little money in the process. However, I don't, and won't, go if I don't make it early in the day. For the simple reason that there are so many old people there!

Now I'm pretty patient, but being on the lower end of the "elderly" scale makes me pretty spry and quick and I roam through those aisles pretty quickly. I get frustrated when I encounter someone in a walker, or standing in front of a section of groceries blocking the way when I'm trying to hurry. God forgive me! There but by the grace of God go I, and some day I actually may. I am ashamed to admit my impatience.

So...its early to the grocery store for me. If I get there before eight, I'll have the place to myself. In and out in ten minutes. That's what I'm talking about!

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