Monday, October 24, 2016


Well I do believe that we have finally settled into some true autumn weather here and not a moment too soon. Those summer-like days were beginning to bore me. Once I put the summer clothes away I don't like having to dig them out again when the temperatures suddenly soar in an unseasonable way. Yes, I think we are well into autumn now and the weather is reflecting that.

Our fundraising party was carried out under rainy, windy conditions on Saturday night and it felt every bit of autumn for sure! Most everyone was cold but I was very content in my short sleeves and lightweight coverings. I am not a fan of the heat and the cool air was comforting and comfortable for me. I enjoyed it very much.

And the community came out in force to support this effort, for which I am always grateful. It was a nasty night but the spirit inside the Maidstone Tennis House was warm and loving as we gathered to laugh and socialize and raise money for local cancer patients. It was a heartwarming night and I floated home on the knowledge that I live in a great community and there are many people out there who care about me. Its a good feeling.

Yes, the temperature is dropping, but I find that the "warmest" time of the year here is during the coldest months, when the citizens of East Hampton come out of hiding and show the world we are a very special place. Not because of the beaches or the expensive houses, but because of the people.

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