Thursday, October 13, 2016


Today I'll be making my second drive to Southampton for the week. It may not be my last. I find myself going in that direction pretty regularly these past few years, with my association at the hospital I need to attend regular meetings, and I volunteer there in Tuesdays, so its unavoidable, really.

I usually don't mind the drive. I use my "alone" time for meditating - prayer time is what I call it. I talk to God a lot when I'm on the road. I find it less distracting than listening to the radio so its easy to watch the road and pray at the same time. There are no other things happening, just me and God and the road. Our time together.

But lately the cost of gas has become an issue. Many trips west mean lots of gasoline. And being that my financial footing is a bit shaky at the moment, stops at the gas station worry me. A lot. So I try to combine as many things as I can in any one trip.

And now that the traffic has eased its a pleasant drive. I love the scenery, both on the main roads and the back ones. I enjoy watching the change of seasons as I drive back and forth. Its truly mental R&R. Sometimes its my most relaxing time of the day.

So I have a few errands to do along the way this morning. A quick follow-up with the doctor after my surgery last week, some shopping on the way home, and my morning will be over. I just may take the time to stop and buy a few pumpkins on my way home. Why not?

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Ben Reichart said...

just don't close your eyes while praying ! sounds wonderful though