Thursday, October 27, 2016


Autumn has really set the trees ablaze our here lately. We are so much later than the upstate and New England areas that it always seems odd to see the photos of those more northern spots, but when it hits here its really wonderful. I've seen more yellow, orange, and red in the past few days and its always a welcome sight. I love the colors of autumn.

When I was married in autumn 42 years ago I chose those colors for my wedding party, and now I look back at them and smile. I loved them then, and still do, but were I to do things over again (and boy do I wish I could!) I would be married in the Spring and my colors would be beautiful spring ones, like azalea pink, lilac purple, or spring green. I love the spring. And the symbolism of new beginnings is not lost on my either.

But right now, its autumn, and the colors of fall are pleasing me very much. I especially love it when the sky is a bright, summer blue, which still happens at this time of the year. Yesterday I drove to the beach and between the sky, the surf, and the sand, it seemed like a summer day but for the temperature. It was beautiful sitting in the car and looking at that empty beach! That's something you don't often see in August.

The seasons are one of my favorite things. They hypnotize me with their regularity and their beauty, each one coming like clockwork and bringing its very own pleasures for us to enjoy. And at this moment, its all about autumn.

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