Saturday, September 10, 2016

Small pleasures

Sometimes in life its the simplest, smallest things that give us the most pleasure. A case in point:

A few years back we bought a cheap floor lamp at Ikea for the corner of our living room by the couch. It lasted for a short while but the past year or so it hasn't worked, yet it remained in place, a now dark corner of my main space.

These past few months since I've been alone in my house I've rarely had the television on, preferring instead to spend my nights alone reading novels or informational books. I've always loved to read but haven't been able to do much of it in recent years because I have no good space to go for peace and quiet in my house and when someone else is here its nice to be where they are, enjoying the companionship. Because my companion likes television, that's what was usually the mode of entertainment. So now that I'm back to solo living, the books have taken over a prominent place in my life. And thus the problem. Darkness falling earlier and earlier and no good light to read by in the comfy corner.

So this week I made a trip to shop for a new lamp. I decided to go for a table lamp, which takes up space on the table but is easier to deal with since the floor space in inaccessible for my short arms if I should need to unplug or otherwise deal with that type of lamp.

So I started at TJ Maxx. It was disappointing to say the least. The prices were excellent - ranging from $29.99 to 59.99 - but the selection was poor and the only one that seemed appropriate for my space had a crack in the glass. So back in the car I went and headed back east to stop at Home Goods.

Home Goods had a wonderful section of lamps, as well as some scattered around the store in furniture settings. The only issue was that most were very modern, all lucite and silver, which although beautiful does not really fit into my traditional space. But then as a rounded a corner I saw one on the end of the aisle that I thought might do the trick. It was all white, but not a bright, modern white, more of a creamy traditional white. It had a nice traditional, almost ginger-jar shape, and it wasn't too tall and the shade was not too big around, which were issues I'd found with other ones I looked at. I kept walking around a few more minutes just to make sure I had seen everything and then went back and picked up the one I liked.

I love the way it looks in my living room and I've been reading by its light every night now. And it makes me so happy.


Ben Reichart said...

So, you could say, you saw the light !

Wordsmith said...

I am on the search for new lamps and have been for some time. My very old floor lamps need to be rewired, but I feel, as you do, that the table lamps are better. I ALWAYS peruse the lamp section at TJ Maxx...and I found one I like some time ago, but there was only one, and I need a pair. Anyway....I'm so glad you've been "enlightened" !