Friday, September 9, 2016

Main Beach

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful annual event at Main Beach. Every year in September the village government hosts both staff and board members (Planning Board, Zoning Board, Design Review Board) along with their spouses to a light dinner on the pavilion and its always a treat on a cool, late summer evening to sit there watching the ocean and being reminded what a great place this is to live. We dine on chili and soup, salad, cookies and fruit. The food is always delicious but even more the company is fun, and of course, the setting is divine.

As I sat last night chatting with a friend my eyes kept going to the water, a medium surf still churned up a bit since last weekend's storm. There was a rip in one area and the waves were breaking in two rows, one further out than the other, with lots of white water across the horizon. As the spray bounced off the face and the foam moved up the sand I remember thinking "There may be other equally beautiful places, but none any better than this". I'm sure living near the Grand Canyon is amazing and no doubt being able to visit the giant redwoods is fabulous too, but this is among the most beautiful places I think. The light at dusk is incredible, diffused through the sea spray and gifting everything with a unique glimmer in light of the fading sun.

I never fail to appreciate this place we call home and I'm always grateful to my ancestors who chose to settle here. I'm sure they did it more for the rich soil and potential bounty than they did for the light, but no doubt they enjoyed the same surf and sand that I do too. Its a place rich in history and beauty, and I love them both.

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Wordsmith said...

I'm so far from the sea, but not the memories there of! I miss the beauty, the sound and the smell..... I am feeling homesick once again. Enjoy what you have...times two...(one for me and one for you!! :-)