Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Today we are finally getting the brunt of tropical storm Hermine here on the east end.

For days now we've been warned about the high wind, rain, and coastal flooding this storm would bring us. It's been working its way up the coast all week now, charging through Florida earlier and slowly leaving a path of destruction as it crept up the eastern seaboard. All weekend we expected to see the results of the storm which was out at sea just off our latitude, but not much was to be seen.

Then last night I could hear the wind beginning to really howl, rattling the windows of my bedroom and sweeping through the trees, still heavy with leaves in this late summer month. This morning the evidence is everywhere, leaves all over the deck, twigs and small branches littering the ground, and the sound - the sound is always impressive to me. It's not a terrible storm - we've been through much, much worse of course. But it is a storm nonetheless and its impressive in its power and sweeping movements.

I especially love the sound of the wind. I like the way it builds to a crescendo of a roar as the trees bend in its path and then it fades away just as quickly while they bounce back upright. Its a power to be heard but the effects are visible in the movement and aftermath of each big blow.

I don't mind a good storm. This one is fairly low on the scale of the ones we see along the coast here on Long Island. We natives are used to their power and take none of them lightly. We move our outdoor furniture and make sure there are no potential flying objects lying around the yard. And we plan our schedules accordingly. This one may stay awhile and the ocean surf will be a force to be reckoned with as it pounds against our fragile shoreline, taking sand and beachfront with it. But nature does what nature will do. And I'll get home this afternoon and just sit awhile to enjoy it. There isn't much else we can do now, is there?

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