Thursday, September 8, 2016


After a lifetime of wanting to stay in bed when I wake up in the morning I find myself in the mindset of wanting to get up before down these days. This morning it was 5am and that is very early for me.

I did learn over the years to appreciate the morning. When I was young I loved sleeping in until late morning but so many years with an early bird husband and of course getting children off to school turned me in to more of a morning person. But still, I dragged myself out of the bed to walk at 6:15 in the morning, always wishing I had a few more minutes to luxuriate in my bed.

But now that I am alone I find I go to bed much earlier and I wake much earlier and its so much easier to get up than it is to lie there thinking about the issues in my life and pondering the sometimes impossible questions I'm facing. My brain wakes up and immediately goes into overtime and I just can not imagine going back to sleep. I am up for the day.

So here I am this morning fully dressed and ready for the day but the rest of the world is still asleep - at least the world that I need to tap into: stores and businesses, for instance. I can't even go to the dump before 7:00. So I sit and read the paper (if its arrived) or my most recent book. I plan out my day and I think too much.

But there are joys in the morning. The sunrises are often beautiful and the light that streams through the trees is enchanting. On the days I walk I love getting home, cleaning up and being dressed by 7:30. I don't feel as though I'm "burning daylight" as they say. No moments wasted at all.

And so this new day begins. Or I should say "began" since it did over an hour ago now. Hopefully its going to be a productive and happy one. I look forward to that...

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