Monday, September 12, 2016


I am on a mission to get rid of clutter in my house.

I turned over a new leaf in high school and began to live a clutter-free life which I learned to enjoy tremendously. I had everything neatly put in its place and loved seeing a neat and tidy room when I went to it at night.

Then I got married and the man I married was not a terribly neat person. I didn't want to be a nag and I didn't want to sound like his mother so I cajoled and prodded as gently as I could to accomplish enough to live with, like dirty clothes going into the hamper, but there were many things I gave up in the name of peace and happiness in my marriage. Silly me! What I thought was a happy and fulfilling marriage for both of us turned out to not be so and now I look back and wish I had pushed a little harder and a little longer to accomplish the truly neat spaces I crave.

So, I've begun to clean out the spaces that haunt me: the front entrance, the closets (one by one) and the other hidden spaces which I've always let go for the sake of calm in my house. No longer do I need to worry about anyone else's clutter or compulsive buying - I can get rid of the things I don't need and reorganize what's left.

I'm not in a terrible hurry though. After all, its taken over thirty years in this house to get to the place we are now, so I can't expect things to change overnight. But my guess is that a year from now, the place may be unrecognizable - at least behind all the doors. Now that's something to be happy about!

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