Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The rains came this morning and the air feels as though its gotten a good washing. It's clear and cool and downright autumn like. I'll take it.

There's nothing like a good rain to make us feel as though we will weather any storm. Its the afterglow of the feeling, that the water has brought life to everything, that its washed the streets and sidewalks, that the humidity is gone, that the sky has given what it can for the continuation of the world and all that's good in it. Its a clean new start.

There are still clouds up there keeping the sun at bay and in August that's a good thing. I can do without the heat right now! But I know it will be back for a few weeks at least. I'm already looking forward to September when the cool crisp air returns and everything is as I like it once again. I love the fall. And I can already imagine a day of picking apples with the kids and doing some fall cleaning in my house. Again, the sign of new beginnings. I'm ready for that. I really, truly am.

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