Friday, August 26, 2016


The August traffic is nearly unbearable here this week. We all know that August is the worst month of the year and this year is no exception. I am so looking forward to Labor Day now!

I drove the ambulance to the hospital once today. One trip was all it took to assure me I didn't want to do it again, despite the fact that the alarm went out at least another 8 times after that. Struggling to get through traffic that has no desire to get out of your way is frustrating and maddening and its all I could do to keep my cool. Once was definitely enough!

Now as I write this blog I'm looking at stop and go traffic, bumper to bumper, right in front of my house, trying to get through the intersections on either end of my spot here and not having much lunch with it. Tomorrow will be worse and I have to drive to Southampton in my car in the morning, i.e. no lights and siren to get me anywhere! Once I get home though I hope to stay. That will be my pleasure for sure.

Labor Day is next week. It simply cannot
come soon enough for me.

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