Saturday, August 6, 2016

The hospital

Tonight I'll be attending the annual fundraising gala for the Southampton Hospital. And I'm honored to do so.

I was born at Southampton hospital. When I was in high school I saw my beloved grandfather for the last time at Southampton hospital. I gave birth myself there in 1975 and have visited many friends, family members, and others there over the years. Recently I was given life-saving surgery there when I was diagnosed with cancer. And I've held new grandbabies there seven times. A small community hospital is a touchstone for the people who grow up in the surrounding hamlets and Southampton is no different. It provides us all with life-saving measures when needed, comfort when necessary, and a haven when in search of one. Like our schools and houses of worship it provides us with some of the things necessary to maintain life.

Without things like the annual gala it could not survive. Philanthropy is vital to its health and this is one way we can support it. So tonight I'll head to Southampton to be one of the many who are there to offer support and love to this place we local citizens love so much. Here's to the future of our hospital which is so important to the future of the East End.

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