Sunday, August 28, 2016


OK I try to keep my blogs light and uplifting but I have to say today I am going to rant a little. Not because I'm having a particularly bad day or because I'm especially unhappy but just because I'm a bit overwhelmed with something that people keep doing: giving me advice.

I'm a bit amazed at the number of people who feel qualified to comment on my situation with unsolicited advice or opinions. I mean, there are very few people in my circle of friends (and family) who have been where I am right now. And yet many of them seem to think they know better than I what I should be thinking and doing in this situation. Really? For instance, I've had people recently tell me I should: sell my house, move out of town, file for divorce, do one terrible thing or another in retribution, and even offer an option on how I should conduct my business, travel, or spend my money.

Now here's the thing: I know that 99% of those opinions and suggestions are well meaning and come from a place of love, or at the very least concern. But honestly, no one knows where my head and my heart are right now and unless I am specifically asking for help or advice, I don't need it. When I do need help I ask for it. And I go to the people I know will give me the wisest, most considerate answer.  I'm overwhelmed enough with my life at this particular moment and your suggestions often just add to the chaos in my brain.

So what do I need? Well, a shoulder to cry on, non-judgmental compassion and understanding, an offer to lend a hand if you see a need, or even just a smile and hug would be really nice. Its so much easier to just "be there" than it is to try to think of just the right thing to say, isn't it? And that's something you can never "do" the wrong way....

Just a word of advice! LOL

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