Saturday, August 20, 2016


This has become my favorite part of the day: the hour before 7am.

I never used to get out of bed before 6 and often stayed in until 7. This was because as in so many areas I deferred to my husband who wanted to get up and out by 6:20 so I simply put my own desires on hold and stayed put, waiting for him to vacate the bathroom and leave for the morning. Now that I'm alone I have forever recaptured that hour for myself and find that I'm never in bed after 6am,  most mornings I'm up earlier, about 5. For the first time in over fifty years my own needs and desires are coming first. And I'm rather enjoying it.

I love the darkness first thing in the morning and I love seeing the light slowly come up in this part of the world. There's something magical about that emergent world and everything seems fresh and new. As the light slowly appears, vague, dark shapes begin to define themselves and come into sharper focus. The air is quiet and cool and my spirits are buoyed by a good night of sleep and plans for the day ahead. I find I'm never more upbeat and ready for whatever I'm facing than in those early moments before dawn.

The light is amazing too as it streams through treetops and forms shadows everywhere. And here I am, not even 7:00 today but I'm all ready to head to the dump, stop at the grocery store, and get myself organized for a busy day.

This is my new time of day and I'm never giving it back again....

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