Thursday, August 4, 2016


Despite the fact that lately I feel as though life is over for me - at least the life I knew and loved - I see signs of hope and renewal everywhere. This morning it was right by my back door. The Black-eyed Susans that the the deer have deflowered at least once already, are suddenly in full glory. They've had to summon their resources and come back to life, showing the world - and me - that sometimes its just a matter of time until we can manage to overcome.

I believe in new beginnings. I believe in renewal. I believe in redemption and restoration. I wouldn't be much of a Christian if I didn't embrace those basic principles, would I? But sometimes, especially when you get to be my age, you tend to think you're at the end of your time here and there isn't all that much renewal that's possible. I'm thinking those flowers are telling me a different story today, because I thought I was never going to see another blossom on them - at least this year. But nature had something else in mind.

And I'm grateful for the lesson.

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Wordsmith said...

Nature has often taught me a lesson or two! Keep the faith, and remember that each new fact, each new hour, is a new chance....even if it's a new challenge! Carry on, my dear friend!