Monday, August 29, 2016

New car

I bought a new car yesterday. New for me but not new in years - its a 2013. But I'm excited about it.

I had a car that was only a 2010 but it has proven to be a real burden, and I had to put a completely new transmission in it this summer which set me back a good amount of money. I decided I needed someone smaller, cheaper, and more reliable. So yesterday I went shopping with my son.

I'm not crazy about the whole car shopping thing. It seems to me that there should be prices on cars just like there are on clothes. If there is a sale occasionally to cler out dtock that's fine, but all this haggling and negotiating gives me a headache. Why shouldn't the price be the same for me as for anyone else without that nonsense?

Wll anyway, Wednesday I'll go pick it up and be very excited to be bringing how something newer and more trustworthy and with lower monthly payments. That will make me very happy.

What's better than a new car, anyway? Like discovering all the funny perks your new spouse has. Only in this case much easier to trade in.

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