Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Today I had four of the grandchildren for another day. I normally have them on Wednesday, but today I was needed unexpectedly and was happy to take them. But I'm tired now.

Kids have a wonderful way of realigning our thoughts, don't they? It seems as though even in the midst of the worst week just being with children can bring us out of our funks and make us look at the world in a more positive way again. It helps us to remember what's good about the world and forget for a few hours the people who make the world sometimes a miserable place to be. It shifts out focus. It makes us smile again.

I adore my grandchildren. The same way I adored my children. And I was never a "child" friendly person honestly. I mean I wasn't one of those women who reacted to every infant with glee, or bent down to speak to any child in a store of on the street. There are some people who are just drawn to children. I was never one of them. I wanted a family, I just always imagined I would have a career outside my home and kids wouldn't be my main focus in life. Of course, once I had the first one I was hooked and children definitely became my focus for the thirteen years that followed that event. I loved spending my days with them, constantly amused and fascinated by the things they said, the way they learned
, their development and personalities. I loved doing kids! And now with the grandchildren providing me with an endless stream of amusement and love, I can't imagine my life without them. Where else can you get unsolicited hugs and kisses and the kind of affection that only comes from the purest of hearts.

So today, this minute, while I may be tired and slightly cranky after my long day of childcare, I probably feel better about life in general, and mine in specific, than I have in a a long time.

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