Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hot mornings

I usually love my mornings in the summer because they are cool and comfortable and easily used for getting work done around my house. Not lately though.

We've been in a real brutal heat wave here and my house is showing the results. It's too hot for doing much and even the slightest effort physically results in a full flop sweat, with hair askew and makeup non-existent. Its not a good time for working at all.

This morning I went to the dump at 7am. It wasn't a particularly difficult task, only some flattened boxes, the weeks newspapers and glossy junk mail, and one bag of household garbage. Simple enough you would think, But by the time I got home from that simple task I was done.

I would like to do some vacuuming and dusting in this house that is sorely in need of same, but I hesitate. I'm just not in the mood for it right now. And sitting in front of the fan with a good book is so much less strenuous!

I think first I'll head out to the home office and pay some bills. And then, maybe a book is just the ticket for me today....

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