Friday, August 19, 2016


As I write this the sun has not even begun to show itself and darkness surrounds me in this office where my desk and computer are. I'm facing two walls of windows here and I see nothing outside of them other than blackness.When I went out to get my morning paper I saw a beautiful moon hovering over everything, almost full and beautifully bright.

The streets are very quiet at this hour with only an occasional vehicle passing and very little noise even from the highway that's usually so busy with delivery trucks and other noisy things. It reminds me of a song from the musical "Guys & Dolls" where Sky Masterson sings about his favorite time of the day - just before dawn. It's a wonderful time to be up and around, before the busyness of the morning, while the world is quiet and peaceful even on this busy corner of it. August doesn't give us a lot of peace here in the village so I welcome it right now.

Friday is always a welcome day as well because regardless of how busy it is, we know Saturday and Sunday are coming. Those are days of rest and refreshment for many of us, and we welcome them.

My weekends are not as much fun as they used to be, when I had a companion to spend them with. I miss that very much, but I still enjoy the fact that there are generally no schedules to follow, or at the very least not heavy ones. This weekend I have a meeting for one of my volunteer organizations and a funeral to attend, but that's unusual to be sure. Other than that I'll get some cleaning done and maybe organize a closet, but otherwise I'll be reading and relaxing and that's always a treat.

So Friday is the gateway to a couple of easy days when we
regroup and refresh, and for that I'm very grateful. We need that, every week, to keep our spirits strong.

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Ben Reichart said...

Guess things have changed as the weekend used to be the busy time,