Thursday, August 18, 2016


It always amazes me how our emotions can create such a roller coaster in our lives. Right now, as I work my way through a particularly difficult time, I find I go from one day feeling so sad and desolate to the next where I think I have totally got this and I will prevail! It truly is like night and day sometimes.

I suppose that might be one of the ways our bodies protect themselves against despair. We are such complicated beings and its so easy to drift off into days of despondency. But if we are generally healthy, and our bodies know how to best ward off all the bad things that can come our way, it makes sense that our mental state does the same thing as our physical state does. It sends "antibodies" to the place it needs to in order to keep from getting a fatal infection. Our minds can certainly tell when we are slipping into a black hole and can find ways to avoid such a disaster. I totally think its true - call them "mental antibodies" if you will. Whether its a conscious or unconscious effort on our part, we know how to keep ourselves in a healthy state regardless of what infections are floating around waiting to attack.

So here I am at the start of a new day, feeling upbeat and positive. I've taken steps mentally and physically to protect myself from the things that are involved in a full frontal attack on my well being and I'm feeling pretty positive about where I'm heading. I think its going to be a very good day....

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Ben Reichart said...

Chin Up ! I'm routing for ya. :)