Monday, August 22, 2016

Ellen's Run again

Yesterday I walked in Ellen's Run again. It was the seventh year of this event for me, although the first year I was too tired from chemotherapy to actually walk, so it was my 6th year participating.

As always, it was a hot and humid day and I didn't deal with it well. I think I got pretty dehydrated and began to feel nauseous and headachy at about the 2 1/2 mile mark. It was tough going at the end and my lack of planning left me feeling pretty yucky the rest of the day as I'm sure my electrolytes were off and it took my body awhile to recover. It wasn't until this morning that I felt really good again.

Despite that it was a great day. I walked with 7 family members and we had a good time together. We went for breakfast when it was over and the kids enjoyed their usual pancakes and eggs, eating with abandon and enjoying every morsel.

The thing is in this 7th year I still love this event. There's a wonderful love that permeates every moment of it, from the volunteers who work at the registration tables to the folks that bring up the rear of the finish line, there's a palpable feeling of purpose and meaning to it all. As much as I'm sure there are serious runners who don't really care what the money goes to, there are so many people there who have lost, or love, a breast cancer patient/survivor. Clearly not all the participants walk 3.1 miles very often and some of them struggle to make it in. It is a labor of love, completely.

It's a very special event. And I'm thrilled to be part of it.

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