Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I was driving home from Southampton at 10:30. I'd done my volunteer time at the hospital and been to the doctor's for a regular check up and I was heading home. Suddenly, as I got to Bridgehampton, the sky opened up and the rain came down as heavily as I've ever seen it. It poured.

All I could think of was the wide open windows I'd left at home. As the rain came down so hard that the windshield wipers threw long streams of it off the windows and the cars in front of me were barely visible, I worried about that was happening to my couch, my knitting bag, all the things that I'd left exposed by leaving those windows opened.

I had watched the weather before I left home. They said we might have deluges but not until after noon. I thought I was safe in leaving the windows. And closing windows in an unairconditioned house in August is not something I like to do. It would be oppressive when I returned.

When I got home I ran into the house in the rain and ran to grab a large towel. Once I got to the windows I was shocked to see that there was no rain inside. Well, maybe a little bit, but nothing like what I expected. The rain must have been coming straight down because very little had come inside. And I was so grateful for this small miracle!

I left the house as soon as I closed all the windows and by the time I drove out of the driveway the rain had slowed to a shower. When I got home an hour later I threw those windows open again and let the fresh air come in. And once again thanked God that there would be no mildew this time....

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