Friday, August 5, 2016


I've started a new craft that I'm enjoying in my free time. I've been making candles.

Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, candle making at home was a huge thing. I remember friends creating candles for gifts, and I enjoyed making them myself. It was the hippie era and candles were very much "in" then. In fact, we had a store in East Hampton that not only sold candles, but sold all the necessary tools to make them. I remember wax in large sheets about 2 inches thick. They were heavy and bulky to carry, but necessary for the process. Along with the wax we bought dyes and scents and various other things needed to create lovely homemade candles of all types.

It was not without its challenges. In order to make candles we needed some type of double boiler set-up because the wax had to be melted on the stove and carefully handled because it as scalding hot. However, we enjoyed making these things that took us "back to the earth" as we liked to say back then. Nothing like sitting in our bell bottoms, burning a homemade candle, while knotting a macrame belt or embroidering flowers on a denim work shirt.  Ah yes, those were the days!

Well the entire process has become much easier, as I learned when visiting my daughter a few months ago. I watched as she and my granddaughter made candles and it peaked my interest in this long-lost craft of mine. I came home and got onto Amazon and now, here I am. the new soy candles, the whole thing is so much easier. Flakes of soy wax come in bags of 5lbs or 10lbs or more. The wax is simply poured into a large Pyrex container and melted in the microwave. Five minutes later its all melted and all I need to do is pour in my chosen scent, add some color, and pout it into whatever containers I've found to use.

I love candles and I'm thrilled that its so much easier than it used to be. Because I'm not twenty years old anymore and all that mess that we used to deal with is no longer an issue. I'm making candles and feeling a little bit like a hippie again and that I do like.


Anonymous said...

Just don't burn them at both ends....

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