Tuesday, August 23, 2016


When I was in school I dreamt of being an artist. Or an art teacher. Or maybe a graphic artist. I wasn't sure what exactly, but I wanted to pursue art.

I had a guidance teacher that thought otherwise though

So I never was able to pursue my love of art and I have missed it terribly. But I'm happy to say I've reawakened that passion lately thanks to a friend with an art studio and her willingness to share her knowledge and materials with me. I have discovered the art of glass fusing.

I'm able to spend a few hours in her studio every couple weeks and its been so fulfilling. I'm learning new techniques and vocabulary, and I'm finding my first love again. Its making me very happy. The nights I come home from her studio are my most contented times and during this especially stressful time in my life its been very centering and makes me happy, if only for a time.

Who knew? Of course Grandma Moses was pretty famous once she hit about 80 so maybe I still have time....

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Wordsmith said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I've got my own artistic persuits, but to have an artist studio available and an artist instructor would be heaven to me! Enjoy yourself!