Saturday, July 30, 2016


Today is a family wedding and it seems so ironic to me. Here I am dealing with the dissolution of my own marriage, not by choice but by circumstances beyond my control, and at the same time I'll be celebrating the beginning of a new marriage, hopefully one that will be better than my own.

Marriage has got to be one of the great expressions of optimism in this life. Despite the fact that we see marriages fail so often, with such ferocity, we continue to jump into it ourselves thinking we can defy the odds. At least I know I did. And I truly believed that to be the case up until a short time ago when I discovered that everything I knew, everything I believed, was false. Its a harsh reality and certainly not one anyone wants. How is that possible? I ask myself that question every day. How could I know someone so intimately and yet not at all? How could I be so smart and yet so foolish? How could I be so completely trusting of someone who didn't deserve my trust? So many questions!

And yet here we are, going to watch someone embark on a new adventure in trust, truth, and faith. A new marriage, a new relationship to become set in stone, and we are all optimistic that it will be just that: a perfect union. As jaded and cynical as I am at this moment, questioning whether true fidelity and love actually really exists in the world, I am totally optimistic that this wedding will be perfect, symbolizing everything we want marriage to be. It's my hope, my sincere wish, and totally
my prayer.

Here's to marriage. Mine may have been a sham but hopefully others will succeed where mine failed. Optimism overload....

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Ben Reichart said...

Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never Is, but always To be blest: The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home, Rests and expatiates in a life to come. -Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, Epistle I, 1733.

Best wishes to the Bride and Groom.
A co-worker of mine is tying the knot today as well. I wasn't invited. :)