Sunday, July 10, 2016


I look forward to Sundays. I always have because it's always been a day for church and family throughout my life, but never more than right now.

I was up early and read the paper. I watched the news. And I ate some cereal. At 8:30 I had a board meeting at the Healthcare Foundation. At 10:00 I went to church. And that's where I settled in for the much-needed soul sustenance that I'd been longing for all week.

Yes it was at church that I felt at home for the first time in what has been a very long and difficult week. I sat with my family and hugged my grand kids. I sang the hymns and each one spoke to my heart. I listened to the scripture and the message penetrated my mind. I read the prayers and they went up with sincerity and passion. My soul was fed and I come home feeling-no knowing-that I was not alone and I would be OK.

The rest of the day didn't really matter. Because I'd had an appointment with God and we both made it there. And I, who was starving, was satisfied.

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