Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday morning coming down

Sunday is, I think, my favorite day of the week.

Sunday is about new beginnings. It's about reconnecting with your soul. It's about going to church, being with family, and reminding ourselves of what's truly important in the world. It's about letting the stress and problems of the world fall away, dreaming dreams of the future, and allowing God's love and peace to wash over us, cleaning the garbage out and freeing us of the negative things and the ugly things we've been holding on to out of fear and insecurity, and embracing the strength that God gives us to keep on going through this difficult life.

I am facing this Sunday with new hope, with defiant courage, and with the knowledge that only I can make decisions about where my life is going from here. I am stepping out in faith and knowing that my future is in hands other than my own, and that my trust needs to be in the divine and not the human. Because that's where the truth is, and that's where our strength is. And today is Sunday.

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