Thursday, July 14, 2016


The sounds of the morning are beautiful. I find myself sitting here at the computer with the windows wide open in my home office, just listening to what's happening outside.

There are the birds, of course, an ever present wake-up call. But there is also the sound of traffic in the distance, driving down Montauk Highway, a soft hum in the background.Occasionally at this hour there is a loud truck that passes, disturbing the peace and quiet of the hour. Later today - not too long from now really - that will be the sound that is most present, blocking all others and keeping the house full of the sound of motors and overly loud car radios.

Sometimes there is someone walking by the front of the house and either talking to the person with them or too loudly on their phones. One of my biggest gripes about cells is the need to speak louder than on a normal phone. Its annoying no matter where it is, causing the rest of us to listen in to your private business. Bike riders can be loud as well, shouting back and forth to people as they pass.

I often wonder what it would be like to live in the woods where its peaceful and quiet. Of course noisy neighbors can be anywhere, but there certainly wouldn't be as many bikes, cars, or pedestrians if I lived somewhere surrounded by trees.

There are great things about living in the middle of the village here in my little space. I love being close enough to walk to everything, easily running out to grab a loaf of bread or other necessary item. But the quiet of the early day also feeds my soul and I know there is something special about having that around you all day as well. For me, its about the early morning, before the cacophony of sound that is soon to follow.

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