Thursday, July 28, 2016


Technology has certainly changed the way we think, talk, and act in this the 21st century. I suppose that's been true in every century, but this is the one I'm in now, so I'm only addressing this one.

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to figure out how to take a 'selfie". Now this whole idea of taking a photo of yourself is pretty new, right? I mean I grew up in a time when you put film in a camera, took photos (usually over the course of months because film and processing was expensive so we only took important pictures!), then dropped it off at the photo shop to be turned into actual photographs that we could see. If we wanted more copies, the negatives needed to go in and copies could be made. You had to save those negatives forever if you cared about the photos, and I still have envelopes full of negatives in my photo storage cabinet today. Nothing was worse than picking up your pictures, get into the car to rip open the package, only to to find they were all dark, or somehow ruined because of bad film or camera malfunction.

Anyway, today taking photos is as easy as picking up your cell phone. And what with needing pictures of myself for various online profiles and websites, taking selfies has become a bit of an art form, albeit not one I'd really dabbled in yet. But now that I'm living alone, it seemed something I needed to learn to do.

My first attempt was pretty bad. Not one of the eight shots were good enough to publish. I mean, they may have looked exactly like me, I don't know, but they sure didn't look like the person I perceived myself to be!

Second try was a little better. I learned to move to where the light was better, and where to look so my eyes were facing the right direction.

By the third attempt I was getting pretty good at it and finally I had a photo I could put up on my Facebook page that is adequate. My feeling is that the perfect profile photo is one that people look at and say "oh wow-she looks pretty good!" As opposed to one that makes them say "oh dear-she really has let herself go, hasn't she?"

I think another few tries and I should have this down.

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