Monday, July 18, 2016


A friend, in an effort to encourage me recently, used an old cliche and tossed off "Time heals all wounds" as she walked away. When I thought about that later I realized how much more complicated that was than how it sounds.

I've had major surgery. I have a 23 inch scar in one area and smaller ones in another. I remember the healing process very well. Yes, every day was a little bit better. Yes eventually the scabs formed, and then they fell away, and new skin was beneath them. It truly is a miraculous process and even watching the smallest cut heal up makes me wonder at our amazing bodies. But here's the problem with the old cliche: the open sores heal, yes. But they leave behind scars that are visible forever. And even more important than that, scar tissue forms and will forever effect our bodies. Sometimes I turn a certain way and scar tissue deep inside pulls and causes a painful jab. Other times I turn over in bed and a particular spot hurts because of the internal scar tissue that happens to be right there and I need to move to a more comfortable position.

So here's the thing. The results of any wound stay with us forever. And the deeper the wound the more effect. To the outside person that may only be scars. But to the one inflicted, that scar tissue can bring untold discomfort,  and even danger at some point. (I actually lost a friend once who had scar tissue from an earlier surgery wind it's way around her intestines causing a blockage that ultimately caused her death.) so while to the rest of the world time may have healed the wound, we damaged ones know the truth: time covers the wounds, time makes them less painful, and time makes us stronger. But it never makes us the way we were.

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Time wounds all heels...