Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I love discovering that there are actually people out there who read my blogs. I mean, on the one hand I am sometimes startled by it, because I really write for my own enjoyment and don't think what I have to say is worthy of anyone else's interest, but on the other I'm glad to know that there are folks who think I have something to say. Always surprising and always interesting to me.

I recently had two people express concern about how "dark" my blogs were becoming but I always write about where I am and what's on my mind so it stands to reason that everyone has "dark" moments in this world. My life isn't perfect - far from it - and I certainly never wanted to present that in my writing. My life, like all others, has sad, mournful times and also wonderful high times. It's just real and I don't want to present it as anything else. However, I have tried to lighten things up a bit since then because truly its not my intent to depress anyone!

Someone else just pointed out that I posted the same blog three times. Actually I don't think I did it - I think it was a glitch in the program which was acting a bit odd yesterday. But nevertheless, I was glad someone noticed and took the time to mention it so I could correct things.

Blogging is truly a solitary adventure. Its done in private, alone in my house, with only my own thoughts to express. But as the internet goes, and its both good and bad, suddenly someone is reading my thoughts over in Europe somewhere. In face I have a pretty loyal follower in Russia.

Who'd a thot?

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Ben Reichart said...

I understand exactly. And yes, blogging can be a lonely endeavor. The ones closest to you are tired of hearing it and others just don't care. Not unexpected I must add and I don't blame anyone there is so much more interesting stuff out there to be distracted by. Know that I read your postings daily even when not commenting. But, I admit it is pleasing to know that someone is reading and I take some satisfaction in that. You know, you and I are quitter a bit alike. I'm thinking like all the great ones we won't be appreciated until we have been dead for twenty years or so ! Story of my life. :)