Saturday, July 9, 2016

New life

So as I sit here thinking about things that have transpired in the past week and months I contemplate what it means to put your life back together at my age. I'm not sure its possible to even take it in and process it because its so overwhelming.

I am at a point in my life where I was thinking about the fun things I was going to do in the next however many years I have left on earth. I dreamed of places I could visit, people I could see, experiences I could have. I looked forward to spending time doing more "fun" things and less "work" things. That's all changed now.  I no longer have a partner to enjoy things with, which means learning to be very independent - and possibly not doing some of the things I dreamed about because they just aren't the same when done alone. I no longer have the money I thought I would have to enjoy some of the pleasures of a more leisurely life, so I need to find things to keep me occupied right here at home. I'm considering what additional volunteer work I might want to delve into, and where my time can best be spent. I no longer have another person to take care of, to shop for, to clean for, to entertain - there are a whole host of things that will enable me to spend more time elsewhere. But where?

I think its all too soon to consider some of these things as life tends to unfold as we go along whether we like it or not. That's something I've definitely learned lately! Our plans are not always going to come to fruition. But nevertheless, these are the things that occupy my mind now. I wonder if its too late to go back to college?

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