Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hot hot hot

So the heat wave continues here on the East End but boy is it not beautiful out there! It seems that every garden is bursting with color and the lawns are as green as they'll ever be. Once August hits we'll be seeing more brown spots and wilted foliage so this, right now, is perfect.

I love taking the back roads, as always, not only for the respite from the traffic on 27 but also for the scenery. The farm fields, what's left of them, are lush and full and the farm stands are a sight for sore eyes, with colorful buckets of sunflowers and veggies bursting from their shelves. Watermelons, beans, corn, tomatoes, they're all there now, enticing the passing hordes to stop and enjoy. Its an abundance of glory for all the senses, smell, taste, sight, touch - there's nothing that doesn't get tickled with a stop along the way for something to carry home.

The heat may be oppressive this week but the joys are still around to be taken in and savored as the bounty of summer.  And I do just that. It's salve for a broken spirit and right now the very best medicine in the world.

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