Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Heat wave

They say we have a heat wave coming. For three days we'll have the heat and humidity to deal with. I knew this pleasant weather was too good to be true for much longer!

Well after all, this is July, isn't it?

As I sit here with a pleasant breeze coming through my front window I hate to think that things are changing because it's really been lovely so far. But the double H's are part of the season so what can you do? I dream of central air, but I also love open windows, so it's kind of a mixed feeling. I fear with central air those windows would rarely be opened, even when the house would be perfectly comfortable that way. Then again, the a/c does a nice job of masking the noise outside in the summer too, which is an added bonus. It keeps the birds from waking me at 5am and it helps keep the sound of the train at bay.

They are calling for three days of high heat, and I can live through that. But I look forward to it passing so I can once again be perfectly content right here in my living room, nice cool breezes flowing through it,  with an ice cold drink in my hand. That's what Summer's all about.

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